The benefits of hiring a website content writer

What are the benefits of hiring a website content writer? Why spend money on someone like that? I mean, you know your business inside out, so surely writing down half a page about what you sell and offer can’t be rocket science. Right?

Wrong. Think about it. How many times have you clicked on a web link to try and find out more information about a business, only to get frustrated because it was impossible to find out basic details? Contact details and opening times, a simple, short paragraph about what’s on offer, or how you can make a booking? Why do businesses struggle so much with writing clear information about who they are and what they do?

Why most business owners are bad copywriters:

Problem 1: They are in it too deep

Number one reason why business owners find it hard to write about themselves: they are in it too deep. They think about too much detail and want to mention absolutely everything on their website because they feel it is all very important. When you deal with your business day in day out, it becomes very hard to stand back and see what is needed to inform a client in a clear and to-the-point way, in a few minutes, seconds even. What’s your elevator speech?

Problem 2: They have no time

This is a problem most business owners can relate to. Running the show is time-consuming. Who has time to sit down and write a bunch of copy – let alone blog posts – for their website without being distracted by emails, phone calls and jobs that cannot wait? Writing those new web pages becomes something at the bottom of the to-do-list. The bad news? That out-of-date copy is still the first thing a new potential client reads about you a year down the line. It may put people off, which means a negative impact on sales. So put that fresh copy at the top of your agenda and make your business shine online.

Problem 3: Not everyone is a writer

You may be great at selling cars, but that doesn’t make you a great copywriter. I wouldn’t attempt to repair my car, so why would a garage owner attempt to write a professional text for his or her website? This applies also for restaurants, estate agents, yoga teachers and wedding photographers. Any professional. We all have our strengths, which is what earns us our money. Often it is better to invest in something that a professional can do so much better, especially if it means your reputation, brand – and your sales – will benefit from the investment.

Copywriter versus Content writer

So we now know the common problems most business owners have when it comes to copywriting – or content writing. What is the difference between these two by the way? Copywriting is the term most of you will have heard of and basically is what you see written in any marketing material, whether online or offline. In flyers, brochures, catalogues. The term copywriting is used for things like product descriptions and other information mainly aimed at promoting and selling products and services.

Content writing goes a step further and is a relatively new term in the world of marketing. Content writing is something that not only describes a business and what they do, but more importantly, adds value to the brand by adding content about what the business does, the industry it is in and various topics that have something to do with the business and are of interest to the client. Last but not least: Google likes it when you add new content to your site regularly. It boosts your SEO and grows your online reach.

Storytelling and adding value

Content writing is like storytelling. A content writer may write down the story of your business but also writes about other topics that your clients may be interested in, especially when you have a blog linked to your website. Having regular articles and new content on your website and social media will add value to your business because you are giving your clients or potential clients something to come back for. People are always keen to learn something new, read about something interesting or get a little entertainment to spice up their day. It helps them to remember your business better and makes them want to be associated with your brand.

Become an authority in your industry

Own a restaurant? Teach people about different, authentic ingredients or recipes. Are you a wedding photographer? Share images of gorgeous off the beaten track locations to inspire them or tips on how to decorate a venue uniquely and beautifully. Do you own a yoga retreat? Share articles about healthy lifestyle and mindfulness. Think outside the box. What knowledge do you have to share? And it doesn’t always have to be written text, content can also mean short videos, tutorials or photos. Anything that your client will enjoy reading or watching because it links to your business and what the client is interested in at the moment.

If you can offer them interesting content as a brand, people are more likely to remember you and see you as an authority in your industry, making them more likely to come to you for business – and tell their friends about you.

How a website content writer can help you

You’ve probably guessed it by now: content is king, but writing is an art. If you are confident in creating fabulous content for your website or blog yourself, that is great! If you are however spending all hours of the day doing other stuff to keep your business afloat, then perhaps it is time to hire a pro. As I already explained, high-quality content not only makes your website, business and brand look good and professional, it also helps to boost your SEO. Use the right keywords and phrases in the articles and pages and you will come up higher in the internet searches. Content writers can therefore help you attract potential clients, help them to engage with you, trust you and want to build that relationship with your brand. Great quality content and web copy will ultimately help you convert website visitors into real paying customers.

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