How to write a great About Us page

about us page template

Why do you need an About Us page anyway?

The About Us page is one of the most visited pages on a website, that’s why. You cannot afford not to have one. Having a poorly written one will ultimately cost you clients, so you’d better give it some attention! How do you write a good About Us page?

If you don’t mind writing and know a thing or two about structuring a text and making it flow, then creating an About Us page is not that hard. Yet in my work as a copywriter and marketing manager, I have come across numerous people who do have difficulty putting their thoughts onto paper, especially when it comes to themselves and their company.

As an entrepreneur, you are often so engrossed in the details of your work, that writing a clear customer-focused story for your website is not that easy. After all, so many aspects are important to you. Many business owners are very good at making products or performing their work, but that doesn’t automatically make them a writer.

About Us page template

The basic rules of an About Us page

An About Us page is crucial when building relationships with your customers. Your unique story is what sets yourself apart from the competition and your About Page is the ideal place to highlight this. An About Us page full of gibberish, jargon or a boring page-long company history, will make a customer click away within seconds, without buying or booking anything. So, what’s the secret? Below I explain the basic rules for writing a good About Us page.

Keep it short.

I come across them regularly: very long About Us pages of a company, of more than 1000 words, about how they started, how much experience they have, their education and diplomas, where they come from and oh yes, also a bit about what they offer the customer. Website visitors have the attention span of a goldfish, and if they don’t find what they’re looking for within a few lines, you’ve lost them. Keep it short and be to the point. Stick to a maximum of 300 words. Less is more, and choose your words wisely. Keep the reader’s attention!

about us page template

Think of it as an elevator speech

You’re in the elevator with someone asking you what kind of work you do. You have 1 minute. What are you going to tell this person? What do you leave out? Just give it a try. Tricky, isn’t it? As an exercise, go and list your main sales points. You want to promote yourself in a few sentences. What information is vital in that one minute? Find your company’s unique selling point and draw attention to it by building your About Us page around it.

An About Us page is not about you.

Sorry? Yes, that sounds a bit contradictory, doesn’t it? Of course, the About Us page is about you, but not in the way you think. What I mean by this is that it should mainly be about what you can do for the customer. The fact that you won three awards in the past and were born in the suburbs of Birmingham is of secondary importance.

What is essential is what problem you are going to solve for the person who ended up on your website.

They are here because they are looking for something you can hopefully offer. Make that problem the main topic and explain in clear language how you can help the customer. Problem, Solution and Passion, for me, those are the ingredients that need to stand out.

About Us page template

Provide a clean layout with plenty of space

When I see a piece of text in front of me without any white lines, my eyes get tired very quickly. Nobody wants to read that on a screen. Break your text, therefore into several paragraphs. Short pieces of text with a maximum of five sentences is a rule of thumb. Then a space, and maybe a bold heading to make it clear to the reader that you are now onto the next bit of information.

A quotation or something in italics in between helps to focus on something specific. And don’t forget to use headings to structure your text. Select size H1 for your main title, H2 for subtitles and H3 for a smaller heading above a specific paragraph. Also include a good photo of yourself or something that sums up your company and what you do well in a strong image.

Enter with a bang.

Always start your About Us page with a catchy opening line, in which you immediately grab attention. So not: “I was born in 1986, and after graduating from high school, I continued my studies in…”. The purpose of an About Us page is to convince and convert the reader into a customer, not to write an autobiography. Be specific and immediately summarize what you are doing in the first sentence. For example: “Make your kitchen greener with our sustainable eco-products”. Now you can continue to explain why you do this (your motivation) and why they should order from your webshop (reliability, unique design, good value for money, fast/free delivery, good customer service, etc.).

About Us page template

Share your passion and motivation.

Okay, so we are not going to write a lengthy autobiography, but we are also not going to list very dryly which products we have in the web shop or explain in complicated jargon what it is your company produces. We want to see passion!

You want customers to emotionally invest in your brand, by trusting you and feeling related. The primary role of an About Us page is, therefore to convince customers that they are in the right place. Describe what you do, but also why you do it. Why did you start? If the reader sees that you have real passion for your business, you have already scored a point.

Step into the reader’s shoes.

Why is that person actually on your website? Hopefully, well-chosen keywords brought the visitor to you via a search engine. They have a problem that needs to be solved, and now they want to get to know you before they commit to buying. The best way to engage a customer is to place yourself in their shoes and wonder what it is they want. And then give it to them.

For example, if you are an osteopath, website visitors are most likely looking for a solution for their painful joints. Explain in your text that you are an expert and can help them get rid of that problem. You could start by asking a question at the beginning of the page in which you immediately highlight their problem. That way they know they are at the right place. “Do you have back problems or have you had a stiff neck for weeks? As a certified osteopath, I bring your body back into balance.” Something like that. Then you will proceed to describe the different types of issues you can resolve, your treatment method, and perhaps something about your qualifications, experience and background to assure the client that they are in good hands.

About Us page template

End with a Call-to-Action.

If the customer has read to the end, then you know they are seriously interested. Make it easy for them and conclude with a Call-to-Action, or an incentive to get in touch or to place an order. If you have a webshop, add a button or link that takes the visitor directly to the product page. If you are a therapist or coach, tempt your new client to make an appointment. Or keep it simple and put your contact details or email link at the bottom of the page.

Here is my Call-to-Action! Do you need more help with writing your web pages? Please email me for a free quote or make an appointment for a Skype or telephone call.

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