How to plan social media posts for artists

social media marketing for artists

Social media posting, it feels like a full-time job sometimes! And there is the constant pressure to keep up with the Jones’es, so you are staying visible online. Not only should you post daily, but now you also have to get to grips with video, Lives, Reels and stories. You never thought you would sign up to be a broadcaster when you started your creative business, did you? Today I will share a few tricks on how to plan social media posts for artists – or in fact, any small, creative business.

Why should you post on social media for your business?

To connect.

To learn more about your audience.

To start a conversation.

To get leads.

To drive traffic.

social media marketing for artists
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Connecting and building trust with your audience

Social media is the ideal way to build a connection with your prospect. If you have followers, try and find out more about them. Social media is perfect for doing that bit of market research, without being obvious. Don’t just post pictures of your work and products. Use social media to start a conversation and to connect with your audience. It is easy to get engagement, prompted by a post, video or question you ask. You can also use ‘polls’ on Facebook for example, to get a much better idea of the need of your clients, so you can tailor your services accordingly.

Show the human side of the business

People love to see who is behind it all. Don’t be a faceless shopfront on your social media account. Show people who you are, why you started your business and how passionate you are about your work. You may be shy, but the more you practice, the more it’ll pay off. Show your authority in your niche, let your honest personality shine, and people will relate to you. Once people love you and your business for what they are, it is so much easier to sell to them.

Remember: people don’t just buy a product or art work, they buy the story behind it.

free social media planner for artists

Get your free Social Media Planner here

I have created a super useful social media planner for creative businesses like you. For busy people, who want to become more visible online fast, without too much of a headache. Does that sound like you?

Download your free social media planner today and:

  • Know exactly what to post
  • Feel in control of your social media
  • Get prompts for posts that engage and grow your audience
social media marketing for artists

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