How to use keywords in a blog post

Keywords, organic traffic and being specific Starting a blog is one thing, but having a blog that gets lots of traffic is the next level. How do you get your blog to become a popular place on the web for people to land on and engage with your content? What is the objective of yourContinue reading “How to use keywords in a blog post”

How to write a great blog post

Do you want to learn how to write a blog post that people want to read? You want to write blog posts that are fun to read, but also help your SEO. But, you are feeling a little lost when it comes to the rules around blog writing, i.e. length, structure and what it shouldContinue reading “How to write a great blog post”

How to improve your SEO with quality content

Are you feeling overwhelmed by tech jargon and SEO speak? Type the words ‘SEO’ in Google and you get bombarded with websites that claim they will tell you what it’s all about. I’ve been there, trying to boost my knowledge, learn more about it, and it can feel pretty overwhelming. The articles on those sitesContinue reading “How to improve your SEO with quality content”

Boost your online marketing with a powerful blog

A website without a blog is harder to find in search engines. A static page is, well, just very static. Nothing new, nothing fresh, nothing to engage with or get excited about as a reader – or potential customer. Blogs therefore are a necessary part of any business nowadays, not just to attract traffic to your website but also to be seen as a brand that is vibrant and alive. Does your company have a blog?

Basic copywriting tips to improve your SEO

You have a beautiful website, a great business and now you want people to find you. How do you get Google to take notice? It is important to get that web copy up to scratch in order to have better SEO ratings. In this post I am sharing some basic SEO tips that have helped me improve my websites.