How to plan social media posts for artists

Social media posting, it feels like a full-time job sometimes! And there is the constant pressure to keep up with the Jones’es, so you are staying visible online. Not only should you post daily, but now you also have to get to grips with video, Lives, Reels and stories. You never thought you would signContinue reading “How to plan social media posts for artists”

How do you attract your ideal client?

What’s the problem? A lot of small businesses, especially creatives, find it hard to promote themselves. And there lies exactly the problem: they try too hard thinking about how to promote themselves. The secret, however, lies in the fact that you shouldn’t focus so much on yourself, but instead put the spotlight on your client.Continue reading “How do you attract your ideal client?”

How to start earning money as a freelance writer

So you can write, you know your SEO tricks and you want to start earning money writing content. How and where do you start? How do you find paying clients? I have been writing full-time now for a number of years as a freelancer and today I want to share some tips on how to get started on freelance platform Fiverr.

The best gadgets for working and studying from home

The Covid pandemic has caused a lot of turmoil in the field of work and study, and working and studying from home will be part of our day-to-day life for probably the next year. Some people love it, others prefer the vibe of a lively office or faculty. Whatever floats your boat, we’ll have to make it workable for ourselves in the current situation.