Why email marketing is still important

If you own a business, you probably have a mailing list of clients. Potential clients, existing clients and previous clients. You want to keep them ‘warm’ and connected to your brand, so they hopefully buy from you (again). Social media is a strong tool to connect with and build an audience, but the good oldContinue reading “Why email marketing is still important”

The best gadgets for working and studying from home

The Covid pandemic has caused a lot of turmoil in the field of work and study, and working and studying from home will be part of our day-to-day life for probably the next year. Some people love it, others prefer the vibe of a lively office or faculty. Whatever floats your boat, we’ll have to make it workable for ourselves in the current situation.

How to deliver a keynote presentation like a boss

Do you have to prepare a keynote presentation as part of your job? Then, of course, you want to make an impression. But many people would rather run a mile than stand in front of an audience, especially if you don’t do this often. Forget about the fear of spiders, high altitudes or being afraidContinue reading “How to deliver a keynote presentation like a boss”

Why your business should be on Pinterest

Most businesses are on social media these days – and if you’re not – where have you been? Facebook being the most popular, followed by Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and of course, Youtube. Today I am talking about Pinterest. Pinterest is a very powerful visual tool to draw customers in, speak to them through great imagesContinue reading “Why your business should be on Pinterest”