How to deliver a keynote presentation like a boss

Do you have to prepare a keynote presentation as part of your job? Then, of course, you want to make an impression. But many people would rather run a mile than stand in front of an audience, especially if you don’t do this often. Forget about the fear of spiders, high altitudes or being afraidContinue reading “How to deliver a keynote presentation like a boss”

The benefits of hiring a website content writer

What are the benefits of hiring a website content writer? Why spend money on someone like that? I mean, you know your business inside out, so surely writing down half a page about what you sell and offer can’t be rocket science. Right? Wrong. Think about it. How many times have you clicked on aContinue reading “The benefits of hiring a website content writer”

Why your business should be on Pinterest

Most businesses are on social media these days – and if you’re not – where have you been? Facebook being the most popular, followed by Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and of course, Youtube. Today I am talking about Pinterest. Pinterest is a very powerful visual tool to draw customers in, speak to them through great imagesContinue reading “Why your business should be on Pinterest”

Beginners Guide to Blogging: Five mistakes to avoid

Do you have a blog or thinking about starting one? Here are a few tips on how to get started and what to keep in mind. If you like the idea of having a blog yourself, it can feel like a minefield and pretty daunting. Where to start? What to write? In this post I am sharing a few beginners mistakes to avoid.